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Welcome to the Adluh Store
JULY 12, 2021 - Office Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 7:30am to 5pm

Friday - as needed - please call first

Saturday & Sunday - closed

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, cash and checks.

Telephone orders: 800-MY-ADLUH (800-692-3584) or 803-779-2460

You are welcome to stop by the mill office to purchase any of our products.

804 Gervais St Columbia SC 29201

Our parking lot is between the Old Chicago Pizza restaurant and the Hampton Inn. After pulling into our parking lot, go straight back. Just to the left of the Adluh loading docks is a one story brick building with a porch. This is our office where you can purchase our products.

All Adluh products are manufactured in South Carolina and Kosher certified.

Featured Products
Adluh Complete Corn Muffin Mix (1lb)
Adluh Plain Flour (2lb)
Adluh Pancake Mix (1lb)
Adluh Yellow-Flake Biscuit Mix (1lb)
Adluh Self Rising Yellow Corn Meal (2lb)
Adluh Sweet Potato Mix (1lb)